plan a

Plan A, MY Plan, cold turkey, didn’t work


Going into Day Four I was in a free fall and a complete sketched out mess

Something had to give

Too much, too soon, too fast

Plan B, NEW Plan, ease myself off

I’m not thrilled with it but perhaps it’s more realistic for MY body

I’m at half my regular intake

If I’ve calculated correctly I’ll be off in a week, gently

I’m still pissed MY way didn’t work

A friend suggested Plan A was not in my best interest

But did I listen ????

Oh well, no

But his Plan B didn’t quite fit either

After 24 hours of soul searching and writing I came up with a compromise; one I think we can both live with

I hope any way

The goals still the same…Stop and Take a Break ..absolutely NOTHING has changed there

Only how I’m getting there


Hang with me and keep chatting / emailing and posting

You’re keeping my eye on the prize !

THANK YOU for that !

Author: The Meth Chronicles

my road To Tinseltown wiTh all iT’s sparkles and boys and paraTies has in essence creaTed an alTer ago ThaT lives wiThin me. i’ve been on boTh sides of the equaTion: sTone cold sober and guTTer level junkie. i’m here for the person ThaT comes afTer me so ThaT They won’T have all Their lessons The hard way like mine were. i Tell the good, the bad and the ugly about Tina and i Try To keep iT real. i supporT all persons wherever They are in Their journey wiTh miss T. and i’m a sTrong proponenT of harm reducTion. I hope you’ll all find a liTTle of your own sTory here.

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