i won’T miss…


1. Searching for a viable vein for hours
2. My veins hurting
3. Having to wear long sleeve shirts in the summer
4. Not being able to breathe in fresh air
5. Having to take intensive Tweaker Baths every day to restore my skin
6. Skin so dry even the Mojave Desert looks moist
7. A substance taking up every waking moment of the day
8. Lack of sleep / exhaustion
9. Meth Mouth / Dry Mouth
10. Being locked away in my apartment for days / months on end
11. My dog not getting adequate attention (the single hardest thing for me to face)
12. The feeling of being stuck repeatedly
13. A stiff body
14. Searching for 12 hours straight for the perfect porn clip
15. Having my days and my nights reversed
16. Not feeling normal unless I’ve just banged
17. People that don’t party responsibly and with integrity
18. Connections constantly dropping by my house
19. All the lies to cover up my using
20. Draining my back account to put shit up my arm

Author: The Meth Chronicles

my road To Tinseltown wiTh all iT’s sparkles and boys and paraTies has in essence creaTed an alTer ago ThaT lives wiThin me. i’ve been on boTh sides of the equaTion: sTone cold sober and guTTer level junkie. i’m here for the person ThaT comes afTer me so ThaT They won’T have all Their lessons The hard way like mine were. i Tell the good, the bad and the ugly about Tina and i Try To keep iT real. i supporT all persons wherever They are in Their journey wiTh miss T. and i’m a sTrong proponenT of harm reducTion. I hope you’ll all find a liTTle of your own sTory here.

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