I have this theory about leather and more specifically men IN leather

It either looks good on you or it doesn’t

You can either carry it off or you can’t

I haven’t found ANY in-between

Yes or No

And this guy is a great example of YES


Tub for a Two (please see example)

Man for Tub

Must be mannerly, sensual, romantic, and have expert cuddling skills

Massage skills a plus

Open to Location

Must Love Dogs

Ok so confession time

When I’m high I have this really twisted sense of humor and come up with all kinds of ideas for everything, including things I know nothing about  lol

BuT I think I’ve got a winner this time ! Now if I can just find an investor for my concept.

Here goes :

Announcing the GRAND OPENING OF DICKMART….coming to The Castro Summer 2017

Be sure to check out our Dairy Department where they will carry a wide selection of cream for your sensory pleasures

Chicken Lane, our farm bred and raised Poultry Deparment, is sure to be a hit with the Daddy and Perv’s

And dicks, oh we have TONS of dicks…we have cookies shaped like dicks, cakes shaped like dicks, coffee makers shaped like dicks and we’ll even carry turkeys shaped like dicks to add to your holiday festivities

Remember boys:

Speed Dating is every Monday,

Drag Cart Races Wednesdays, and

Tampon Tree Crafting weekends til Christmas

SHOP NAKER after 9 PM Fri, Sat, and Sun

Visa, MasterCard and Trade GLADLY Accepted

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